We ♥ Cookery

What child doesn’t enjoy playing with their food? The textures are so varied, the tastes exciting and the mess…well, either you love it or you hate it!

At Caterpillar Club your Little Caterpillars can enjoy all the fun of food and you don’t have to worry about any of the cleaning up!

Not only is it fun to play and experiment with food, helping in the kitchen can have developmental, emotional and educational benefits too. Cooking uses all the senses and can encourage even the pickiest of eaters to try new tastes and flavours. Cooking involves measuring ingredients, using time and counting, amongst other mathematical concepts. It also encourages discussion about where our food comes from and an understanding of healthy eating. In fact, communication is a big part of cooking, especially when with others. Children will need to listen to follow instructions and find out what happens first, next and after. They have to take turns and share, and understand the safety implications of cooking e.g. using knives and ovens. Cooking requires gross and fine motor skills e.g. mixing and peeling/chopping.

These are but a few of the benefits of cooking with children but there are so many more. You can find out more about the benefits of cooking on BBC and Kidshealth websites, and many more. Simply search online.