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Caterpillar vs Corona

Caterpillar Deliveries
Have you lost your job because of COVID-19? Will you be struggling financially over the next few months? Do you have vulnerable people in your household? Are you struggling to get food for your family? Are you running out of resources for your children? Then Caterpillar Cafe can help.
We can deliver food, books, games and toys to any family who needs these during this time (availability permitting). 
How it works

  1. Email us at to request an application form, and briefly state how COVID-19 has affected your family.
  2. Return the form to us, signed and dated, via email.
  3. As soon as a delivery becomes available, we will send a text message to the mobile number provided to arrange delivery that day.
  4. A representative from Caterpillar Cafe will deliver the package to your front door, leaving appropriate distance. You can empty the delivery and the box will be removed.
  5. Enjoy your delivery with a selection of food, toys, books, games etc (depending on availability)!
  6. Caterpillar Cafe will be in touch when another delivery is available.

Important Information

  • These deliveries are available to families who are not receiving any similar help from the Government or Local Authority.
  • These deliveries are only available to families with a CV37 postcode.
  • Completion of the form does not guarantee a Caterpillar Delivery. These are offered dependent on availability.

Donations to Caterpillar Deliveries
We are also looking for good quality and usable toys, books, games etc for children of all ages (and adults), to distribute to families through these deliveries. If you are able to donate any items back to us, this will help us to support even more families in the area. Please email us with information about what you have to give and we can arrange collection from your home.
For more information or to request an application form, contact us at
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