We ♥ Play

Here at Caterpillar Café we believe that play comes in all shapes and sizes.

From our carefully crafted play zone where children can be anything from a dinosaur to an astronaut, to discovering their senses in our dark den, or making their own town with our small world. We will have something that your little Caterpillar is sure to enjoy.

10 key benefits of play for children

  • Develops communication and language skills
  • Allows children to act out and make sense of real-life situations
  • Allows children to explore, investigate and experiment
  • Develops social skills as children collaborate with others
  • Encourages children to empathise: by taking on the role of character teaches children an understanding of different perspectives.
  • Helps children learn about different cultures
  • Encourages children to express their ideas and feelings in a relaxed environment
  • Develops children’s awareness of themselves and others
  • Gets children learning more as learning is disguised as play
  • Sparks creativity and imagination

During each session we also have a wide range of crafts to get their creative senses tingling and hold special events from local child groups holding free trials, so you can sample what they have to offer….check out our Events page! 

Check out our Gallery to see the café in action!